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The PBC Story | Part Two

icking up where we left off last week... Jenna and I had decided on a name based on our shared love of our favorite food, peanut butter and then basically, we dove right in!

We created our branding and website and started to explore and experiment with every channel of marketing we could think of - social media, referrals, running contests, even going door-to-door and hanging little flyers we made. Our efforts paid off and within a few months, we were handling multiple client projects per week.

We quickly realized that in order to continue to be profitable, we would need to narrow our scope of work as saying "yes" to any and every project that came our way had us constantly researching how to do new things. Not necessarily a bad thing and we still love the chance to do something different once in a while but time is money and we knew that efficiency had to be the name of our game. We narrowed our scope to logos, websites, and print materials (business and special occasion-related) and continued to meet and work with more and more individuals and small business owners.

Narrowing our scope of work had a surprising benefit - we've been able to build connections and relationships with other vendors who we could refer clients to when they had projects outside of our offerings. We have loved building our network - receiving referrals is one of our favorite ways to meet new clients and being able to refer others has been just as rewarding!

Over time, Jenna and I naturally started to divide work based on what each of us enjoys most and is best at. I take most print projects while Jenna handles website design. We split logo work based on the type of logo requested and our current workloads but also usually run designs by each other in order to get each others thoughts, ideas and critique.

As we became busier, I moved to a part-time position so that I had more time to work with our PBC clients. Currently, we work on PBC client projects for a least a couple hours every evening, several hours on the weekends and I work all day on Fridays. We're busy, but we're loving it. We finish each day feeling like we can see our business growing and it's so fun for us.

At this point, we've designed for clients from the East Coast to the West Coast and from three different countries. We've worked with beauty brands, health and nutrition companies, photographers, child care groups, real estate agents, beautiful brides and more and we feel truly honored any time someone sends us an inquiry.

Thanks for allowing us to do what we love - we hope our story is just beginning!

Happy dream chasing,



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