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Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Call us cliche, but we LOVE LOVE. We love celebrating love in our own lives, whether that be with our children or our spouses, but especially in our clients. You just got engaged? Hooray! You’re celebrating your 15th wedding anniversary? Love that for you! You connected with a new beau on a dating app? Sending all the romantic vibes your way! We love love and we aren’t afraid to shout it.

And speaking of love, tis’ the month of LOVE and we absolutely believe it can be a marketing tool to capitalize on Valentine’s Day, regardless of the industry or niche that you are in!

Marketing around a holiday or season can be effective for bringing in extra business when done strategically. With this in mind, we can’t help but share our top Valentine’s Day marketing ideas that could work for your small business.

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Bring in Extra Business This Valentine’s Day

1. Provide Couple-Themed Offers

It just makes sense that you should tailor your promotion or offer around couples, given that it’s a holiday all about LOVERS. We recommend finding a balance between what will most benefit a couple when it comes to your business and advertising for your product / service that is easiest to sell. No need to go crazy with creating a couples-specific product or service, simply use what you sell / book the most of and tailor it to couples!

For example, if you own a beauty salon and want to run a V-day special for couples, consider one of the following:

  • 2-for-1 Couples Haircuts 

  • 50% off Couples Massages

  • $14 Gift Set (in honor of Feb. 14th)

2. Host a Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Whether or not your product or service is designed for couples, you can easily host a giveaway on or around February 14th in honor of Valentine’s Day via your social media platforms. Your giveaway can include your top selling product or service, or simply be a collaboration with another like-minded account gifting something that your followers would love. 

The benefit to running a holiday-themed giveaway is that many people enjoy participating as a way to celebrate the uniqueness of the holiday, as well as it helps boost engagement and / or grow your following, further supporting your business.

We recommend running a giveaway for at least 2 days and requiring the following giveaway rules for entry:

  • Follow your account (Or both accounts if collaborating)

  • Comment on the post (Encouraging a type of comment that is fun and festive is always a good idea!)

  • Re-share the giveaway post to stories (This provides added exposure to your page)

3. Show Your Customers Some Love

Most people want to see, hear, and witness all the LOVE in action during Love Month. One of the best ways to show that you are a business celebrating Valentine’s Day is to show your customers some extra love! 

Consider running a series on social media, sending out a newsletter, or even posting an in-store promotion centered around showing your customers the love. This could look like highlighting a specific customer that supports your business, gifting something for free to all of your customers during the month, and / or writing handwritten thank you notes. 

This extra effort to show your love and appreciation will turn into added business for you as your customers feel valued and in turn stay loyal to you and your business. 


Whatever approach you choose to take for your Valentine’s Day marketing, keep in mind that it helps to create visually appealing content that both is themed for V-day AND your business. The visual aspect to your holiday marketing has a huge impact on the success of the campaign. 

Luckily, we’re here to help you with all of your visual marketing needs! Need some gorgeous Valentine’s Day marketing materials? Reach out so we can help you promote and stay on brand.

Lovers Day is just around the corner. Make sure you take advantage of this lovely holiday and try out these ideas for your small business! 

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