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What to Do When Your Goals are Off Track

Where are all our goal-setters at? It’s now the middle of the year and many of us set personal and business goals about 6 months ago when the new year started. How are those coming along?

Whether you’re slaying all your goals and feeling like a big shot or struggling somewhere in the middle, we know what it’s like to have big dreams and intentions in January only to feel way behind or derailed by July. It happens to the best of us!

What we want you to know today is that setting a goal does not define who you are when you set it or if and when you reach that goal by a desired date. The purpose of a goal is definitely to motivate you and progress is progress, even if you don’t ever see the finish line.

We believe in setting goals to help drive us to our dreams and beyond, but sometimes those goals have to be adjusted. Today, we are going to show you our 4-step process for what to do when your goals are off track. Getting back on track of our goals is 100% easier and more motivating than wallowing in our failed attempts. Let us help you, too!

Business tips for re-setting goals
4 tips to getting your goals back on track

4 Ways to Re-Tackle Your Business Goals to Reach Success

1. Recall Your Original Intention With Your Goal

Many business owners set goals related to sales, profit, number of customers, or even followers. While none of these measurables are bad, their intention may be slightly off.

As a business, you want to see success in so many ways, but your ultimate goal should be personal to you and based on the reason you started your business in the first place.

This is not meant to indicate that your goals should be selfish and only about what YOU want, but instead to inspire you to push for and keep you moving during difficult times and seasons (because you will have them!).

For example, let's pretend that your original goal was to have $50,000 in profit over a 12 month time period. If in July you are only at $15,000, it may seem like you are not on track to reach your goal.

Now let’s shift your original goal towards a personal milestone. New goal: Have saved enough of your business profits to afford a 20% downpayment on a new car. Can you see how this new goal could be achieved in a different perspective while still pushing you towards achieving a high profit?

By recalling your original intention of your goal, and making it personal to your reason for starting a business in the first place, you can often get back on track of your goals and see them in a new perspective.

2. Amend Your Goals

There’s no rule that says your goals can’t ever be changed or adjusted. In fact, they should be regularly assessed and tweaked if needed because things definitely change for your business over time!

Amending your goals is not a sign of defeat either. You are simply taking in new data and outside circumstances to set yourself up best for success.

Whether your goals are related to finances, social media, website traffic, or even number of employees, you are allowed to tweak your goals to fit the new circumstances of your business, especially if your business is less than a few years old.

We quickly realized we needed to adjust our goals within the first few years of starting Peanut Butter Creative. Not only did we recognize some major obstacles in our path, we also saw some major opportunities that we had originally missed.

Amend your goals with zero shame. You will be happier and more efficient focusing on the right goals after proper assessment.

3. Ask For Help

We truly wish we asked for help sooner. It’s not something to be ashamed of, especially in business! The truth is, there are thousands of individuals who have walked a similar business path before you. Their help, advice, and wisdom could save you from major setbacks or pitfalls!

On top of that, asking for help can include getting extra help with running or managing your business. This could mean additional employees, new software systems, or even part-time contractors to take tasks off your plate. All of these are things that, when you get the right help, can allow you to progress towards your goals faster and more efficiently.

At the end of the day, asking for help could allow you to feel more mental clarity towards your business. This, in short, is a reason to ask for help. With all the different business elements riding on your shoulders, getting the right help to support you in being the best business owner you can be is all we could ever ask for!

4. Recommit

The last piece of advice we have for what to do when you get off track with your goals is to recommit. Sometimes all you need is a (light) kick in the pants to get your goals in gear again!

We’ve been there where a small goal, maybe something as simple as clearing out your email inbox each day before the work day ends, keeps going un-done. Is it life or death? Not usually! But it starts to stack up and contribute to feelings of overwhelm or burnout.

We believe in doing monthly check-in’s with ourselves to help encourage commitment towards our goals, big or small. It’s important to regularly check on your goals because life does get busy, businesses experience so much change, and new factors could influence your ability to get things done.

If you recommit to goals each month, you will likely see a difference in your mental stamina and efficiency. Being a business owner requires so much sacrifice and mental energy, but working towards your goals is always worth it!


Being off-track with your goals is never something to beat yourself up over. You are juggling a ton and that is something to give yourself grace over!

But as you implement these 4 tips to getting back on track, we know you will notice a difference in your entire business mindset. You CAN achieve your goals because you are strong, dedicated, and capable of doing hard things.

And we are here to cheer you on each step of the way!

Should you need extra business advice, brand coaching, or want to level up your marketing, schedule a call with us! We’d love to be in your corner to help make your business as successful as possible.

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