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Work With Us! The PBC Partner Program

It's Giving Tuesday and we want to tell you about our new PBC Partner Program (I promise there's a correlation that I'll tell you about below!), which came to be because of requests we've had from some of our favorite ladies.

We've said it before: starting your own business is tough. But, if you want to make a little extra cash and work on your own time before you get that amazing idea of your own going, we'd love to have you jump on board with us!

If you have access to a computer, a tiny bit of extra time on your hands and want to help growing businesses find access to affordable and custom design (us!), then there's a good chance you'd be a great fit for this program.

Basically, as a PBC Partner, you will send out emails to local businesses (or make calls or visit, if you'd rather) to tell them a little bit about our company and our services. We will provide an email template for you that you can tweak if you'd like and sign your name at the bottom (it's important to us that this email comes from you and that you are an addition to our team, not just someone speaking for us behind a computer screen). Then, for anyone you reach out to that ends up contracting design work with us, we'll pay you $50 per project!

That's it, pretty simple but we'd love for it to be a way you can earn a some extra cash for the holidays or a little to spend on yourself each month :)

Now for the Giving Tuesday correlation - if you'd like to give our Partner Program a try, please reach out and we will make a donation to a cause close to your heart. If we're going to be working on the same team, we want you to know we care about what you care about. So, let us know and we will help you hit the ground running!

Love ya'll,



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