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Your Branding Should Be Undoubtably You.

This is a bit controversial in the design world but we’re going to share our thoughts with you. Feeling a bit spicy today 🌶

A good designer doesn’t have *one* specific style.

An experienced, strategic designer will have a diverse portfolio where each design is specifically crafted for that client and their dream audience.

Be wary of a portfolio that all looks the same. Yes, even if it’s pretty.

Brand design is not just about creating aesthetically pleasing, on-trend designs. It’s about intimately knowing and obsessing over clients and THEIR target audiences to understand what will truly connect and move their businesses forward.

Think twice if a designer tells you to check out their portfolio to see if you’d be a good fit. No, no. Don’t fit your business into someone’s singular design style. Choose a designer that will carefully develop branding for you that will connect and convert for YOUR business.


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