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How to Save on Custom Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery can get costly, real fast. Here are some budget-friendly options that still get you that custom-designed look you're going for without using up your entire wedding budget!

Postcard Save the Dates: Save the dates created in postcard format are a budget-friendly option because they eliminate the need (and cost) of an envelope and require less in postage! You can still have a completely custom design and use your engagement photos if you'd like! Bonus money-saving tip: opt for black and white instead of color on one (or both!) sides to save money in printing!

Digital invitations:

Digital invitations are such a fantastic option and we're getting requests for them more and more. Digital invites allow your designer to create a personalized, one-of-a-kind design and deliver the design file to you, completely print-ready so that you can use your print vendor of choice. Many designers, including us, have print vendors they know and trust to do a top-notch print job though they aren't always the most economical option. With a print-ready file, you can use the printer your budget allows for. Bonus money-saving tip: skip printing all together and deliver your digital invite via a designed email instead! Not only will you save in printing, paper and postage costs, you'll save time in addressing and stuffing your invitations - plus, it's environmentally friendly :)

Panel or Panel Pocket Invitations: The most affordable options for printed invitations are panel invitations. Panel invites use a single piece of cardstock, rather than being mounted to another decorative piece or included inside a folding pocket suite. Panel pocket invitations, which mount a panel invitation to a decorative piece of cardstock and include a pocket on the backside, are also a relatively affordable option. Both of these invitation styles save money because they use less paper than other, more elaborate wedding invitation suites. Bonus money-saving tip: Include a postcard RSVP card to eliminate the cost of an additional envelope or do away with an RSVP card entirely and have guests RSVP on your wedding website!

Panel invite - no RSVP card! All guests RSVP'd online :)

Pocket panel invite put together, backside

Day-of Wedding Materials

We absolutely love creating coordinating stationery pieces to tie a couple's wedding day together. However, adding multiple stationery pieces to a wedding can get pretty costly. To keep costs down, ask your designer to recommend sizes that will maximize the number of pieces that can be printed per page. Bonus money-saving tip: request simple text or black and white designs to save on printing costs!

My own day-of stationery! Programs fit 2 per page, menus fit 4 per page!

Happy wedding planning!



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