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15 Super Quick Branding Tips

Friends! Happy Monday! We posted a few questions to our Instagram story last week asking what you'd like to see from us. We got several responses for more tips on branding your business so we thought we'd put together a quick list on some of our biggest tips into what should be an efficient read for you. We will post more on these individually later on so let us know if you have questions we can answer for you!

1. Include your logo (tastefully) on everything you print or create digitally.

2. Make sure you have a PNG of your logo - a PNG has a transparent background and is best for overlaying on photos and solid color backgrounds.

3. Develop your brand voice - speak and write in a way that aligns with how you want people to FEEL about your brand.

4. Use a cohesive color palette - Google and use color wheel calculators to help choose colors that work well together.

5. Practice restraint and embrace white space both on your website/digitally and in print.

6. Place quick contact info in the header of your website.

7. Decide on do's and don't's for how you and others should use your logo.

8. Request a vector file of your logo from your designer - this can and should be used in most print work.

9. Look at your website at least weekly with an eye for improvement and ease of use.

10. Give your business cards out like it's your job.

11. Google yourself - make sure your hours, contact info, address, etc. are consistent everywhere they pop up.

12. Always ask for a test print or have your designer request one.

13. Make it easy for your customers to navigate through your website.

14. Link your contact page on multiple pages throughout your website.

15. Get involved in your community in ways that help position you as an expert and/or create a positive affiliation for you and your company.

Hopefully these help get your wheels turning on how you can improve and strengthen your brand. Let us know if we can answer questions for you or elaborate on any of these specifically. Have a great week and enjoy your work!



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