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How to Spring Clean Your Client List

Are the blossoms blooming yet? Is the grass greener? What about the weeds starting to poke out a bit? We are still itching to officially declare it springtime, yet we are LOVING the motivation we’ve found to spring clean all the things, including our business. What about you?

While we’ve talked about the benefits of spring cleaning your business, and how to effectively spring clean your business, now we want to talk about tackling a good ol’ fashioned spring cleaning of your client list.

If you have a list of newsletter subscribers, followers, customers, or even inquiries, this information is useful to your business. Why? Because you could possibly convert all of these individuals into new OR repeat business.

However, you might be missing out on a few key pieces of information to effectively utilize these lists. Therefore, we recommend a “spring cleaning” of said lists. Let us explain just how to do that!

3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Client List

1. Segment Your Lists

One massive list of subscribers, customers, or inquiries? That’s okay. A segmented list arranged by purchasing history, geographic location, recency of contact, age, or even gender is even better. Why? Because a segmented list can help you focus your efforts and outreach on specific elements of your marketing. When promotions come up and you know that the value will be particularly helpful for a certain demographic, you can use your segmented list to target them specifically.

The additional benefit to a segmented list is understanding and demonstrating that you care for your client’s or customer’s specific needs. By knowing that a specific product, service, or opportunity would be a good fit for them, you are showing your interest in seeing them satisfied.

If you are not already sorting your subscribers or customers, consider implementing a system that tags them by specific metrics when they sign up or purchase a product. These tags, which can be created in various software systems, can help you easily and quickly sort your lists when you need to.

2. Analyze Data

Don’t panic! You don’t have to have a statistics degree to understand your customers or clients. That being said, a brief analysis of their general spending or sign up habits will help you tailor your marketing efforts appropriately.

Did you know that you can see when your followers are most often online and engaging on social media from your backend analytics? It’s true! Almost all social platforms offer free analytics on engagement timing. This can be helpful when considering when to announce a promotion or sale.

Additionally, data can drive additional investment in different products and services. If you know that your customers are purchasing a certain item or items rapidly, you can use data to decide whether or not to restock and how quickly.

Don’t be afraid to look at numbers and understand your client list more effectively. And similarly, make sure to look at trending data quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year. You will likely be able to use that information to identify the peaks and valleys of your product or offering.

3. Adjust Your Marketing Efforts

Now it comes time to make adjustments. If you know when your customers are most often purchasing, or when your sign ups, inquiries, engagement, or orders are spiking, utilize that time and those details to amplify your marketing efforts.

True marketing success comes from seeing the response of your efforts and regularly adjusting it to hopefully see an even greater response.

If you learned that the majority of your clients live in a certain area, consider running a promotion around that location. If you can see that certain products sell out faster than others, consider creating a bundle offer to help your less-popular products get traction.

And lastly, if your business relies on appointments or consultations, take advantage of the details on your client demographics to accommodate to their schedules. Consider adjusting your hours of availability, opening up a day that might be more convenient for them, or even setting up Zoom calls.

We know you’re working hard to juggle all the different elements of running a business. And you’re doing a GREAT job! But don’t forget to set aside time to segment, analyze, and adjust your client lists to further work for you. Your business will see greater success when you do!


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