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How to Stay in LOVE With Running Your Business

LOVE is the theme for the month in February and we are here for it! Love for our spouses, love for our kids, love for our friends and even love for our animals.

However, we can’t deny that our business comes to mind when we think about LOVE. Do we love what we do? Absolutely! Do we love that we get to meet so many incredible businesswomen in our line of work? Without a doubt! Do we love every single part of business ownership and dealing with growing pains, unexpected obstacles, and sometimes difficult situations? Well… that’s debatable.

The truth is that it’s okay to NOT love everything about owning and running a business. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows all the time and it's okay to admit that. If you are someone in a similar boat who loves so much of what you get to do, but also struggles with some aspects of your daily roles and responsibilities, we understand you! 

The good news is that there are many ways to stay in love with your business even when there are parts you don’t love. If you consciously work on staying positive about the good, and navigating the bad as it comes, you will find that you still love your business the majority of the time.

We have put into practice 3 things that truly help us continue loving our business. We recommend you try implementing these ideas and see what it does for you!

3 Ways to Make Sure You Enjoy Running Your Business

1. Acknowledge What You Don’t Love

Wait a minute. Aren’t we talking about LOVING our businesses? We are! But follow us here.

Businesses WILL have ups and downs. And more than likely, you will experience the challenges and hardest parts in the beginning as you attempt to grow and become a stable and profitable business. 

But as you become more secure and your business solidifies over time, you may also learn what you really don’t enjoy. You’re allowed to not enjoy bookkeeping, customer service, or coming up with new product or package ideas. Everyone has different preferences and it’s okay to have things that aren’t your favorite.

When you acknowledge the things you dislike when it comes to your business, it makes it easier to make decisions on how you can delegate or transition away from doing certain tasks that someone else may better thrive at. This is actually an opportunity to reassess what you are best at, what you enjoy most, and what makes the most sense for you to pour your energy into to see the business be successful. 

If there are ways to transition away from the undesirable parts of your business, do it! It will leave you feeling more in love with your job every single day. 

2. Surround Yourself with Good Support People 

This tip could not be more important. WHO you surround yourself with matters so much more than how many dollars you make, how successful your business appears, or how popular your brand or products are. You want the very best, the cream of the crop, and the most supportive individuals in your corner when it comes to your business.

Some people choose to work closely with friends or family in their business because of the existing relationship that was there beforehand. Others choose to avoid those relationships to keep things from getting messy or complicated. Regardless of how you feel, keep in mind that you want people who can support you in your vision, can make you laugh when things get hard, and are all around good people that you can trust.

By having supportive people that you enjoy in your business world, you can come to work (or work alongside remotely) with a smile on your face because of the bond that you share with them. You will more often feel positive, even when challenging things happen, and this will translate to your customers or clients. 

3. Take Time Out’s

No one loves and can run your business better than you can. However, this burden can sometimes be overwhelming and challenging to carry week after week.

If you find yourself not enjoying running your business regularly, it may be time to take a temporary time out. 

Business timeouts will look different for everyone, but could something like:

  • Taking a week off and enjoying a vacation

  • Stepping down from management and having someone else take care of operations for a time 

  • Closing your doors or temporarily pausing your services while you focus on finding your passion again

  • Changing the direction of your business and taking time to reposition what you want your business to be

However you choose to take a time out, know that it will more than likely help you to fall back in love with your business because it gives you the chance to recharge your batteries and rebuild enthusiasm for your business.

We are in LOVE with design, branding, and marketing for female owned businesses. We love so much about what we get to do, but yes, there are some things we don’t love so much. 

What we do love the most is empowering other female business owners to fall in love with their business and be so proud of what it is that they can reach more of their ideal clients or customers.

If you’re looking for branding or marketing advice from experts who love what they do, we’d be honored if you reached out to us

Here’s to loving our businesses even amongst the challenges. With these tips, you can remain in love with your business for years to come! 

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